• Dry to Cool Multisplit is the climate system in which energy efficiency and sustainablility is combined with ultimate individual control and comfort.


    • The ICU ceiling unit is the smallest and most versatile unit in the Dry to cool Multisplit climate system.


    • The C2D air dryers are the most energy friendly air dryers due to the unique smart drying material.


    • Dutch Climate Systems supplies a wide assortment of air handeling units that meet the latest requirements in energy efficiency and quality.


    • Cooling the Planet

      Dutch Climate Systems is the developer and supplier of the ultimate sustainable climate system Dry to Cool. Dry to Cool provides cooling, ventilation and heat recovery for your building, with a radically sustainable performance.

      The smart installation concepts of Dutch Climate Systems make sure that Dry to Cool is applicable for just about every building, both for new and renovation of existing buildings, being in line with your comfort specifications and installation requirements.

      Please contact us if you want to know what Dry to cool can do for your building.


    • What is Dry to Cool?

      Dry to Cool is a sustainable innovative climate system consisting of the combination of indirect evaporative cooling with a smart new drying material for dehumidifying air.
      Continue >>

      What is smart material air drying?

      Smart material air drying is dehumidification of an air stream with a new smart material.    Continue >>

    • What are the advantages of Dry to Cool

      Very large energy savings, use of natural refrigerants, comfortable indoor climate. Continue >>

      What is Dry to Cool Multisplit?

      The system consists of a central unit combined with multiple local units, each taking care of the indoor climate of a specific zone of the building. Continue >>

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    • Why are our customers so satisfied with Dry to Cool?

      The Dry to Cool air conditioner system delivers a unique performance in the area of energy efficiency and environment, while at the same time realizing an excellent indoor climate.

    • Dutch Climate Systems Vision

      Dutch Climate Systems envisions a world in which air conditioning is entirely environmentally friendly. A world in which air conditioners use only renewable energy sources and are made of entirely harmless and renewable resources.

      The Dry to Cool air conditioner technology from Dutch Climate Systems is what makes it possible. The Dry to Cool products are extremely energy efficient, use the natural refrigerant water and uses low temperature heat from sustainable sources for cooling.

      Dutch Climate Sytems is firmly on her way to realizing her vision and taking the next step in the development:

      Making the first fully cradle to cradle air conditioner in the world.

      ABOUT US: Dutch Climate Systems is founded by Ton Letwory and Arthur van der Lee, the developers of the Dry to Cool technology, in cooperation with the entrepreneur Gerard Sanderink. Dutch Climate Systems closely works with a group of enthousiastic people and organizations who are committed to creating a better world. 

    • The DCS Vision

    • What our customers say about Dry to Cool products

    • The experiences with our Dry to Cool climate installation are very good. The Dry to Cool system realizes comfort in the workplace en very well controls the temperature during the summer. A sustainable way of cooling and ventilation that totally matches with our vision.

      Bram Kok, facility manager, Greenchoice

    • Today's building sector must conform to very severe standards in terms of comfort, energy efficiency and the limitation of the use of dangerous refrigerants. Dry to Cool is an excellent solution that allows us to meet all of these requirements.

      Roy de Bruijn, director, De Installatie Adviseur

    • We are glad that we can apply a climate system that is truely environmentally friendly, and we happily support this development!

      Poul Hulzink, Goois Natuurreservaat