Dry to Cool Multisplit

The most sustainable climate system for commercial buildings

Dry to Cool stands for the combination of dehumidification with dewpoint cooling. The more dry the air is, the deeper our ICECUBE dewpoint cooler can cool. In the Dry to Cool Multisplit system, the outside air is first dehumidified in a central air handling unit. The dry air is then transported to the various ICECUBEs locally positioned in the building. These are able to cool down the air to a low temperature, such as 18 °C, even on humid and hot days, because of the dehumidification. They cool down the air without greenhouse gases and with a fraction of the energy of a conventional air conditioner.

One option is to use our energy-efficient Napassium air dryer as a central air handling unit in the Dry to Cool Multisplit system. It is also possible to dehumidify in an alternative way, for example by drying through condensation using a cooling machine. This way, the ICECUBEs and the Dry to Cool Multisplit system can be used in an existing building with an existing central air handling unit. Perfect for upgrading buildings which cooling capacity is not enough.

Read more about Dry to Cool Multisplit in this brochure. The ICECUBE used in the Dry to Cool Multisplit system is the ICECUBE Multisplit version.