Innovative decentralized climate unit for sustainable cooling and ventilation

The ICECUBE is a highly advanced climate unit for cooling and ventilation. Cooling takes place in a counter-flow exchanger, specially designed for highly efficient dewpoint cooling, and manufactured using high-tech plastics technology. The same exchanger is also used for ventilation with heat recovery.

The ICECUBE is specially made for conditioning individual rooms, where a relatively small air capacity is required. There is a suitable ICECUBE version for every type of building. For larger buildings with a central climate system, there is the ICECUBE Multisplit version. The ICECUBE Stand-alone climate unit is available for separate rooms such as a classroom.

The ICECUBE is constructed from modular building blocks made from recycled plastic. A smart and modular valve system ensures the correct air control. The most advanced variably controlled high efficiency fans minimize electricity consumption.