Napassium dehumidification

We have developed an energy-efficient material for dehumidifying air. The drier the air is, the deeper it is possible to cool using dewpoint cooling. This material is called Napassium and is very suitable to absorb large amounts of moist from the air. Removing moist from the air normally takes a lot of energy. For Napassium this costs less energy, because it can be regenerated at a low temperature. Napassium can be regenerated as low as 40 °C. This makes it possible to use all kinds of low-temperature heat sources for this process.

For Dry to Cool Multisplit systems, a Napassium air dryer can be used as a central air handling unit. It is also possible to opt for an air handling unit with conventional techniques. An advantage of a Napassium air dryer is that no harmful refrigerants are used. The exceptional performance of the Napassium air dryer has been measured and recorded by KIWA. The KIWA report confirms the high energy performance and low temperature required for regeneration.

Explanation of the picture: The Napassium can be applied in a drying wheel. On the one hand (bottom from left to right) the outside air comes into contact with the Napassium, which removes moisture from the air. At the same time, a regeneration airflow is heated, which then removes the moisture from the wheel again. The wheel rotates so that drying and regeneration can take place simultaneously in a continuous process.