A climate for long term value

The ICECUBE is suitable for cooling and ventilation of all types of offices: large and small, old and new. The ICECUBE Multisplit version is ideal for offices with a central climate system. As such, the ICECUBE is perfectly suited as an upgrade for existing buildings with limited cooling. The ICECUBE also provides a perfect indoor climate for sustainable renovation and new construction. At the same time, the ICECUBE ensures high scores on energy and the environment and the operational costs are low. The ICECUBE Multisplit version works in a central climate system according to the Dry to Cool Multisplit principle.

The ICECUBE Stand-alone climate unit is a practical and economical solution for smaller offices. The ICECUBE functions as an independent decentralized unit for cooling and ventilation. The ICECUBE Multisplit version can also be used for smaller offices.