The solution

The ICECUBE: energy-efficient and environmentally friendly cooling

Cooling by the evaporation of water is the most powerful and energy-efficient way of cooling and is completely natural and harmless. The ICECUBE and other patented innovations from Dutch Climate Systems make it possible to apply this sustainable way of cooling in every building worldwide. With radical energy savings and without harmful refrigerants.

The crucial innovations of Dutch Climate Systems

The ICECUBE climate unit: A multi-purpose innovative ceiling unit that cools extremely efficient by means of dewpoint cooling. Dewpoint cooling is the most advanced and most powerful form of indirect evaporative cooling. The smart modular construction from recycled plastics ensures perfect applicability as a decentralized climate solution. The ICECUBE also provides active ventilation with heat recovery.

Dry to Cool Multisplit: A smart flexible climate concept that makes the ICECUBE applicable for any existing and new building. Also for large offices, hotels and hospitals. Dry to Cool Multisplit ensures a low supply temperature on humid days, because dew point cooling is combined with air drying.

Energy-efficient air drying: With a new innovative drying material we can supply energy-efficient dry air to the ICECUBEs. As a result, the ICECUBEs cool deep enough even on humid days, without using harmful refrigerants.

Made in Holland with an innovative production process: Modular and circular components made from recycled plastic, with the utmost reliability, the highest performance, light in weight and competitively priced.